Issue #106 [New/open] - How to setup the automatic kernel driver loading for the DS2482-x family

Posted by andreas.riegg

Load 1-wire DS2482 master kernel drivers

sudo bash /home/pi/

As example, I have also attached a rc.local file, yours may contain additional instructions.

To finish or disable the automatic loading, delete the lines or comment them out.


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Posted by andreas.riegg

Additional info:

If you only use a 2482 and/or use GPIO 4 without a pullup resistor, delete line 3 from the script (it loads w1-gpio with the pullup parameter), you don't need it.

I did not test so far what happens when having multiple 2482 chips on the I2C bus using different I2C slave addresses for them and having multiple tee-commands in the script. So for the time being, use the 2482-800 for 1-wire multi channel architectures, it was tested and worked and gives you 8 separate 1-wire channels.