Issue #012 [WontFix/closed] - Timer

Posted by wouter.nefkens

Will it be possible to add to the REST API an option to change the state of a pin for x seconds? As example: "HTTP POST /GPIO/(gpioNumber)/value/(0 or 1)/xxxx" where xxxx is the seconds the pin will be on or off and after the xxxx second the pin will return to the old state.

When this is possible it will be so incredible great. My knowledge of python is not large enough to program it myself.

Thanks in advance.

Comment 1

Posted by andreas.riegg

You can do this already with the output sequence feature:

•HTTP POST /GPIO/(gpioNumber)/sequence/(delay),(sequence)

e.g.: set GPIO 7 to be an output:

Possiblility 1: set it to be low (may be omitted)

Possiblility 2: or alternatively if you can live with 10 sec low as first sequence step

Comment 2

Posted by trouch

thanks andreas to giving the solution

Comment 3

Posted by wouter.nefkens

Thanks Andreas, sorry for missing this