Issue #133 [New/open] - Automatic pump switch with dependancies

Posted by Christian.Eligon

I am building an automatic timer with a raspberry pi B+ but I only want the pumps to come on if it sastify certain criterior .

For example if i have a pump connected via a relay which in triggered by a GPIO . But I only want the pump to turn on if the reservoir has water. So i am using a float switch in the reservoir to give me and open and close switch and using another input GPIO

so it should work like this When the timer is triggered the app check to see is the input GPIO is on or off. If the reservoir GPIO is "on"( seeing an input current) then the pump relay is switch "on" If the reservoir GPIO is "ooo"( Not seeing an input current) then the pump relay is switch "FF" even though the timer is on

Can WEBIOPI do this sorth of thing . I am very new to programming and coding but I would really like to get my feet wet. Thanks for any help

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Posted by toshibass101

Yes Webiopi can easily do what you require, you can write a python script for your criteria, however this is not the place to ask questions like that, you need to post your question and or ask for assistance here!forum/webiopi this area of the wiki is for issues/errors found relating to the Webiopi application.