Issue #148 [New/open] - Saving matplotlib figure

Posted by oashaikh

What steps will reproduce the problem? 1.Saving a figure from matplotlib

WebIOPi version used? =>0.7.1

Python version used? =>2.7

Distro used? (WebIOPi has only been tested on Raspbian Wheezy) =>Raspbian Wheezy

Raspberry Pi board revision? (1 or 2) =>

For Javascript side bugs, Browser? =>

Please provide any additional information below.

Im reading in a set of data from a text file and wish to plot them on a graph using matplotlib. The problem is that whenever I try to save the generated figure, it does nothing. i.e no file is saved.

I have tried the code without webiopi and the file is saved without a problem.

Does anyone know how to save the figure in webiopi?