Issue #019 [Accepted/open] - Task scheduling

Posted by trouch

Give ability to schedule tasks: * Macro * GPIO trigger * GPIO pulse * PWM output

Only macro scheduling is required as everything can be done in python macros.

REST mapping is easy : /schedule/$date/$RESTURI /schedule/2013-01-11-23-59/GPIO/0/value/1 /schedule/*-*-*-*-*-0/macros/myMacro

Add Javascript functions to hide REST calls

Add schedule saving

Comment 1

Posted by stan.g.woods

Any thoughts on how long before you are able to develop the task scheduler? It would be brilliant for controlling devices against 7 day 24hr cycle, or even better against a full diary type of scheduler (any min/hour/day of week/month/year - examples: process control, heating control, etc.


stan woods

Comment 2

Posted by trouch

This feature was kept aside to get more I/O possibilities with 0.6 release. Priority for upcoming dev is not fixed yet. For this issue I have to see if there is an interest to wait for issue 9 and issue 40

Comment 3

Posted by stan.g.woods

Many thanks - look forward to further developments regards Stan woods

Comment 4

Posted by jonasvuylsteke

I would also be a great fan of a real task scheduler. SOOO many possibilities... keep op the good work well done!!!

Comment 5

Posted by joecurt85

This would be such an awesome feature for an already awesome application.

Comment 6

Posted by dylan98c

I have been trying to get scheduling working and I basically just resorted to a custom-done python script. It's the ugliest implementation ever, but it works. I would LOVE to see this in the new update as well. Would make WebIOPi perfect.

Comment 7

Posted by ismael.arroyo.perez

Has anyone tried with apscheduler? I got it working from webiopi and it served me well so I would recommend you to take a look on it. You can setup cron "style" jobs and also periodic "interval" jobs from your python code, delete jobs, reschedule jobs, group jobs in pools...