Issue #021 [Fixed/closed] - Potential install hickup with Raspbian 2012-12-16

Posted by andreas.riegg

Hi Eric,

I just made a WebIOPi 0.5.3 fresh install with a fresh Raspbian 2012-12-16 image to have a clean setup. The installation with failed because it was unable to apt-get the python development heders (both for python 2.7 and python3). I assume some package authentication failure as the shell reported something like that.

Doing a manual sudo apt-get install -y --force-yes python3-dev solved the problem for me. Maybe this option has to be added to the or a hint to optionally update the package authentication (I dont know the commend right now) may help.

Regards Andreas

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Posted by andreas.riegg

Addition: As I started with a fresh 2012-12-16 raspbian image it seems that in the new release the python development headers are no more included by default (in contrast to the comment "You may have to manually install GCC and Python development headers if you are not using Raspbian. " in the readme wiki page. Maybe this page needs an update also. GCC seems to be present.


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Posted by trouch

may be sudo aptitude update ?? the local apt repository is out of date on a fresh install and has to be refresh to know last packages and location.

about GCC install it's written "if NOT using raspbian", see issue #18

thanks for reporting

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Posted by trouch

apt-get update added on r731

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Posted by trouch