Issue #025 [Fixed/closed] - Some potential errors from PyDev code checker

Posted by andreas.riegg

Hi Eric,

when developing my driver for TSL2561 I imported the curent trunk (r885) into PyDev within Eclipse. When looking at the files the error checker found some potential errors which I want to give you to check before releasing 0.5.4. Line 45: Line 79: Line 311: Line 192:

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Posted by trouch

Thanks for this feedback. Not, this is not a error, this is some kind of "static" method which not need instance. oops, yes, this is right. right too. e is supposed to be filled with the exception, it's not used here. actually, exception handling is little different in python 2 and 3 for passing exception. if think this is correct in python 2. i will correct this by removing e, as it's not used.


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Posted by trouch

This issue was closed by revision r886.

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Posted by trouch

Issue 26 has been merged into this issue.