Issue #082 [New/open] - Integration of DHT11 Humidity sensors

Posted by chof258

I have programmed a sensor class for the DHT11 humidity sensor and probably other versions of the DHTXX family:

The sensor is utilizing a new C extension for python, to communicate with the hardware which I have included into the native section of the code.

It was tested on a raspberry pi model 2 and works fine

I also updated the sensor module and webpage to handle humidity data. Please feel free to try it and integrate it into your software

Kind regards


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Posted by trouch

Thanks you very much, but there is few issues :

WiringPi code is under LGPL license, incompatible with Apache WebIOPi licence

So you should use gpio.c:pulseTS or inspire from it instead. But all GPIO native code is planned to be removed later.

A humidity sensor (HYT221) will be added shortly, and will provide a different mapping from your proposal

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Posted by dwr4ever

I would very much like support for the DHT11

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Posted by jlpetracca

Me too I want DHT11 too THANKS!

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Posted by aschwar

I'd also like support for DHT11 and DHT22. Thank you.

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Posted by NewFolk

Will be glad to see DHT11 and DHT22 support.

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Posted by ropese362011

How ti install? Thanks

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Posted by Russell.A.Turner

I'm getting an oops that page can't be found following the link provided above.

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Hey Russel, i'm sorry, try this one:

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Posted by Russell.A.Turner

Thanks that link worked