Issue #094 [New/open] - Add DAC reference gain support

Posted by mcencinitas

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. MCP48xx DACs have a gain control on its reference that is currently hard coded to 1V/V. This forces the output of the DAC to limit to 2.046V even when powered from 5V 2. 3. ...

WebIOPi version used? =>0.7.0

Python version used? =>3.4

Distro used? (WebIOPi has only been tested on Raspbian Wheezy) =>Raspbian Wheezy

Raspberry Pi board revision? (1 or 2) =>2

For Javascript side bugs, Browser? =>did not use

Please provide any additional information below. I modified the mcp48XX driver file to require a variable "gain_control" during initialization, see enclosed. I'm sure there is a more elegant way to do it that you software folks can roll in

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