Issue #062 [Accepted/open] - Update wiki for missing Serial docs

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WebIOPi version used? => 0.6

Python version used? => 2.7

Distro used? (WebIOPi has only been tested on Raspbian Wheezy) => Raspbian

Raspberry Pi board revision? (1 or 2) => 2

Please provide any additional information below.

Please provide an example of how to write to the usb0 serial port in Python.

I am looking to add a serial write to my usb-serial device in a custom macro function, but am not sure how to do this using webiopi since you can't import the serial library.

Please (safely) assume that I have no idea how to do this, so include whatever libraries, correct usage of webiopi.deviceInstance(""), and whatever is necessary to actually follow through with the write command.

I have spent over 40 hours looking into this, anything helps! Thank you!!!

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Hi Erik,

I made a donation for the extensive work you've done and in hopes you could help me out with this issue. Any pointers would be a huge help!

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